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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Attila Bertalan - Books and maps shop

1. How much are the shipping costs my country?
2. How long does the shipping need to my country?
3. What payment methods are possible?
4. With whom do I have a purchase contract?

1. What are the shipping costs?


Shipping within Germany is free of charge from an order value of 10,- EUR. Under an order value of 10,- EUR, the shipping is free as a book delivery. Please note that book consignments have a duration of up to 4 days and must be openable by the post office. Standard shipping is possible with an order value of less than 10,- EUR with a shipping cost of 1,- EUR.

Outside of Germany

For most orders, except for heavy shipments with a low order value, the shipping charge is as a rule: 2.80 EUR. International shipping of maps and books by Deutsche Post is now only possible as "Goods Post International".
\n Your shipping cost for an order value below 50, - EUR and a shipping weight over 500 gr. Or a delivery weight over 1000 gr and an order value over 50, - EUR (usually only for heavy guidebooks) is 7.00 EUR, for an order value below 50, - EUR and a shipping weight over 1000 gr. (Postage: minimum 19.90 EUR, usually only with multiple guides) is 15,00 EUR, otherwise your shipping cost is uniformly 2.80 EUR.

The following table shows your shipping cost shares:

Shipping weight Outside of Germany
Order value < 50,- EUR Order value >= 50,- EUR
< 500g 2.80 EUR 2.80 EUR
>= 500g 7.00 EUR 2.80 EUR
>= 1000g 15.00 EUR 7.00 EUR

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2. How long does the shipping need to my country?

Well, this depends very much on the shipping method that you choose and your local post operator.

Shipping as "books international - surface mail" (Büchersendung) is usually a lot slower then airmail. At first, the german post operator may leave the sending untouched for four days (sic!). Then surface mail means, the sending will be shipped on the cheapest and slowest way to your country. In Europe "books international - surface mail" usually need about two or three weeks, but there is no guarantee.

Shipping by airmail is much faster and usually arrives withing Europe within one week, sometimes even faster.

Usually I pack up the goods in the evening and take the sending to the postbox the next day.

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3. What payment methods are possible?

I do offer 3 different payment methods for payment from outside of Germany:

  1. SEPA credit transfer with IBAN / BIC ("SWIFT")     >> more infomation about SEPA credit transfer
  2. PayPal
  3. Cash (EURO) sent in a properly packed letter. I will confirm the receipt of payment via e-mail.

Please BEWARE of the extremely high costs for international money transfers!!! For international money transfer your bank may charge you from 10,- EUR up to 30 EUR !!! Please ask your bank what they charge you for the money transfer BEFORE you assign the transfer.

Also for crossed cheques from non-german banks the banks charge from 10,- EUR up to 30 EUR which I would have to pay! Please understand, that I can not accept crossed cheques from non-german bank accounts, because of the extremly high charges. For example: From a payment over 25,- EUR I received only about 2,- EUR. That is a RIPP OFF from the bank system!

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4. With whom do I have a purchase contract?

Your purchase contract is between you and:

Attila Bertalan
Bonner Str. 60
76185 Karlsruhe

Legal form: Sole proprietor
Legal note

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